Eating Vegan In London: Vegan Chicken Burgers At Temple Of Camden

Eating Vegan In London: Vegan Chicken Burgers At Temple Of Camden

The Temple of Camden opened its doors just as Veganuary came to a close. It is located a short walk from Kings Cross station, tucked beneath a newly built high rise building that overlooks the canal. Serving its best Vegan takes on our greasy favourites, I had to give the Menu a go and share my thoughts with you all.

Temple Of Seitan is known for its mock meat, particularly the mock chicken. If you aren’t familiar with the satanic sounding food then don’t fret, Seitan is made from a high protein wheat gluten. A cruelty-free and vegan friendly meat substitute, it tastes like meat and possesses the texture too!¬†On the menu there is an abundance of choice to suit every Palette. Chicken burgers, wraps, hamburgers, mac & cheese and even peanut butter brownies. Whether you love lashings of mayo, fiery chilli or plain old tomato sauce and gherkins – they have you covered.

Temple Of Camden: Temple Burger

It has been a year or so that I have been dying to try the classic Temple Burger. Despite trying various other products from the brand, this was a firm favourite on the bucket list. The brioche bun contained a crispy chick’n fillet, slice of burger cheese, bacon, lettuce, gherkins and lashings of ranch mayo. Oh my, it was heavenly! It reminded me of a McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich combined with a gourmet Brioche Hamburger aka greasy, delicious vegan junk. I had mine with a side of crisp fluffy fries and of course Heinz Ketchup.

Temple Of Camden: Young Vegans Mud Pie

Seeing as Temple Of Camden had just opened, we got a free coffee when buying a slice of the Young Vegans Mud Pie. This was another product I had been dying to try and managed to resist eating it until I got home! I had an Oat milk latte to keep me going throughout the evening which was strong and packed a punch. The Young Vegans Mud Pie was indulgent and delicious; peanut swirl, gooey centre and decadent warm edge. Something I will highly recommend to others.

Temple Of Camden: Temple Deluxe & Twist Wrap

My wonderful Temple Of Camden companion had the Temple Deluxe hamburger; 1/4 pounder patty, burger sauce, bacon, cheese and lettuce. The Temple Hamburgers are a new addition to the menu and I believe are exclusive to the Camden store. It looked just like a McDonalds hamburger with all of the essential trimmings. Along with the hamburger, The Twist wrap was on the cards to go and contained 2 wings, lettuce, tomato and pepper Mayo. A perfect light choice and a slightly healthier one! Mouth is still watering wanting to try these all!

Temple Of Camden: Go & Visit

I loved the food, atmosphere and what Temple Of Seitan stand for. They are changing the way people view Veganism and making it cool. They’re proving that you can still indulge in your late night favourites without the cruelty or guilt served alongside. Vegan or not, get yourself down to Temple Of Camden and try for yourself.

Have you been to Temple Of Seitan before?



  1. February 9, 2018 / 7:36 pm

    It’s so good to see that new branches are opening up. I love the sound of the Young Vegans Mud Pie, but then i have a very sweet tooth.

    February 7, 2018 / 5:51 pm

    oh I so hope they do too! Eventually it will become more mainstream. And it does taste so like Chicken but not at the same time? it is great what these small businesses are doing!

  3. WhatLydDid
    February 7, 2018 / 9:21 am

    I wish wish wish they could open a branch up North, every time I see a post or review my heart breaks a little because it looks and sounds so good! Eating a burger safe in the knowledge that I won’t bite into lumps or fat… Or worse… Is kinda the dream!

    Lyd @ WhatLydDid com

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