Why Nut Almond And Pistachio Snack Balls Review*

Why Nut Almond And Pistachio Snack Balls Review*

Why Nut? Why Not! This new on the scene nutty brand have released vegan friendly snack balls in two delicious flavours; almond or pistachio. The 4 energy balls are packed full of fibre, contain only naturally occurring sugars and no additives! I gave these flavours a try and couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts.

Why Nut Snack Balls: Almond Flavour

The first Why Nut flavour I tried was the Almond, simply because I love the type of nut. Inside the eye-catching outer packaging lies the product presented on a cardboard slip. The ingredients are packed tightly into little bitesize pieces and roll easily into the palm of your hands. Inside the almond snack balls are roasted almonds of course, date paste, roasted cashews, dried apricots, quinoa, chia seeds and rice flour. Nuts, fruit and superfoods combined, these little snacks are high in monounsaturated fats and full of plant-based goodness. The flavour of the balls are subtly sweet with a tiny crunch of quinoa. Grainy and light with fruity notes, the almond pieces and date paste come through in taste and hold the ingredients together. They are neither too moist or too dry, a perfect combination of a nutty energy cluster.

Why Nut Snack Balls: Pistachio Flavour

The final task was to indulge in the Pistachio variety and compare the two. These snacks balls are made up of roasted pistachio nuts, roasted cashews, date paste, cranberries, sunflower oil and quinoa. There is a hint of colour from the green pistachios and red cranberries that comes through and is replicated in the balanced flavour. Sweetness of the cranberries and dates contrasts with the saltier nuts and creates a salt sweet infusion in your mouth! They ingredients offer a slight crunch from the quinoa, similar to the Almond variety but more of a sweet aftertaste from the cranberries.

Why Nut Snack Balls: Why They Are A Great Snack

To conclude, I love both flavours and could happily munch on both. They make a fantastic snack down to their lack of artificial flavourings, naturally occurring sugars and use of good fats from the nuts. The addition of quinoa provides protein, dried fruit for fibre and nuts for omegas. What’s more, these are vegan-friendly, light to carry and keep you feeling fuller for longer!

Currently you can only buy these energy balls in bulk, a great way to ensure you never run out of snacks throughout the month. You can buy the Almond variety here and Pistachio variety here.

Check out Why Nut? on Instagram and give them a try for yourself! #jointhenutcraze #hungrytohappy #whynut


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