Noughty Haircare Rise & Shine Review*

Noughty Haircare Rise & Shine Review*

‘Naturally beautiful and noughty by nature’, that is the motto of this cruelty-free haircare brand Noughty. 97% natural, vegan friendly and never tested on animals, this was a brand I couldn’t resist trying. The eye catching packaging and pastel colours indicated that these would look perfect in my bathroom along with my other products. I welcomed this cruelty-free high-street addition and share my thoughts with you.

Noughty Haircare Rise & Shine Review*


Having never heard of the blue mallow flower, I was intruiged as to what the Rise & Shine products would smell like. Within the ingredient list you will find essence of rosemary, eucalyptus, orange, lemon, patchouli and even spearmint. The most prominent scent happens to be eucalyptus and rosemary, flavours that remind me of Tea Tree Oil Shampoo that I used throughout childhood. It smells fresh and neutral giving your hair the refreshing lift it may just need. On the contrary, the conditioner does not have such a strong eucalyptus scent but rather more of a combination of olive, shea and lemon. It is more subtle and savoury, hydrating the hair and leaving it feel silky smooth.

Noughty Hair Care: Rise & Shine Lather

Upon first use of the shampoo, I was rather shocked to find it didn’t lather. It was an odd experience but one that after a little research became clear. Products that foam and lather usually contain sulphates, an ingredient that is not found in the 97% natural product. The solution to getting the most out of the shampoo is to use plenty of water and continually rinse until the shampoo is washed out. On numerous occasions I found myself leaving the shower with product still in my hair which in turn left a greasy residue for the day – nobody wants that! After further use I adjusted to the lack of lathering and ensured I rinsed thoroughly to enjoy having minty fresh clear hair!

Noughty Hair Care: Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner

If you suffer from damaged and dry hair, this product will do wonders. The use of shea butter makes the product more creamy and offers a rounded and less savoury scent in comparison the shampoo and conditioner. As my hair is thankfully no longer dry or damaged from colouring, it is a product I would use sparingly. I lent the product to a friend who has a different hair type to me and reflected it deeply moisturised and left hair feeling fuller and healthier!

Noughty Hair Care: Price & OTHER PRODUCTS

Priced at £6.99 a bottle, these are on the steeper end of the high street spectrum and out of those found in Superdrug. As I fell in love with the scent and am a sucker for pretty packaging I would more than likely purchase these. However, I would be interested in trying a range that may be more suited to my hair type which I have come to realise is more oily than dry. The Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo will rid my hair of greasy episodes and bring it back to feeling soft, hydrated and cleansed. Check out the other products that may suit your hair type below;

Frizzy and damaged hair: Choose the To The Rescue Moisture Boost shampoo, conditioner and anti-frizz serum

Curly & wavy hair: Choose the Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo, conditioner and taming cream

Dandruff prone hair: Choose the Care Taker Scalp Soother shampoo and conditioner

Have you tried any of the Noughty Hair Care Range? What were your thoughts?

*This product was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own. 


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