Eating Vegan In Essex: The Nourish Co Colchester

Eating Vegan In Essex: The Nourish Co Colchester

The Nourish Co is a cute little cafe tucked away on St John’s street in the heart of Colchester. I stopped by for lunch and a coffee to see what I had been missing. Here I share with you what I thought of The Nourish Co and the food they have on offer. 


This quirky little space consists of a few tables, a window seat and the tiniest kitchen you will ever see. You will be enticed by the smell of the daily special cooking away in the slow cooker whilst you ponder upon what milk to have in your latte (coconut, almond, soya or oat). To the left of the counter you will find a fridge packed full of freshly made sandwiches, raw and nutty treats as well as drinks such as Kombucha. There were raw pies, flapjacks and energy balls to feast your eyes upon, all of which are handmade and fresh. Moreover, on a shelf nearby there sits a selection of beautiful Keep Cups on sale to entice customers to purchase a sustainable on the go reusable kind to sip their coffee from.

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The Nourish Co A.L.T Sandwich

As I sat in the cafe’s window hot spot for people watching, I ordered an Oat milk latte to keep me warm. The coffee was rich, delicious and not too bitter, perfectly complimented by the steaming hot milk. Next I ordered one of the ALT Sandwiches; a Vegan take on the classic BLT but rather aubergine instead of bacon. The vegetable was sliced thinly, salted and seasoned perfectly to replicate that of bacon. It was combined with lashings of garlic infused vegan mayo, fresh lettuce and tomato and served on fresh granary bread. I will definitely be attempting to recreate this at home!

As I sat writing, multiple customers came in to order the daily special of Golden Dal which sounded and smelt delicious. Along with that, the ever popular Sos Rolls were purchased in quantities and something I felt I couldn’t miss out on! I picked up a sos roll alongside a salted caramel date slice to tuck into and share when I got home.


The Nourish Co Mushroom & Lentil Sos Roll

The oh so famous Sos Roll definitely lived up to expectations. The mushroom and lentil filling was moist, flavoursome and almost nutty, packed full of protein too. It tasted very similar to an ordinary veggie or vegan sausage roll but without the soya or meat substitute. Flaky pastry made this delight light on the outer and dense in the middle, a perfect combination. I will have to return to try the other flavours on offer throughout the year.


The Nourish Co Salted Caramel Date Slice

The Salted Caramel Date Slice was what I had been dying to try on the whole journey home. As much as I love to indulge in naughty vegan treats and accidentally vegan delights, I do prefer raw and nut based desserts. The chocolate topping complimented the gooey centre perfectly without being too dark nor rich. The base was rough, doughy and a little crumbly with what tasted like a variety of nuts to suit the palette. It sure was an indulgent treat that left behind no trace of guilt or discomfort. It will leave you feeling light and happy for sure!

Overall, I love the cute and cosy atmosphere of The Nourish Co as well as the friendly welcome every customer receives. I can see why so many people stopped by to grab a bite to go or to even say ‘Happy New Year’. With their healthy plant-based menu that changes daily and selection of raw treats, it is a place I would highly recommend to others.

Have you been to The Nourish Co yet?

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