Wicked Kitchen Caponata Sourdough Pizza Review

Wicked Kitchen Caponata Sourdough Pizza Review

Wicked Kitchen have kickstarted 2018 with another vegan triumph. The 18 product launch exclusive to Tesco has taken social media by storm and making vegans and non-vegans pretty darn hungry. From ready meals to pizzas, wraps to salads – the range is diverse, inventive and bursting with flavour. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Caponata Sourdough Pizza and share my thoughts with you all.

Wicked Kitchen: Pizza Toppings

Wicked Kitchen have their flavour combinations perfected. Roasted red peppers, tart juicy olives, red onions and marinated mushrooms complete the pizza without the need for cheese. The caponata base is bursting with an Italian herby flavour and works perfectly with the toppings. The lack of cheese is not noticeable nor needed as each ingredient held it’s own. To top off the sourdough was a mint and herb dressing, an optional addition which initially caused a lot of scepticism in my mind. I am not a big fan of mint nor an abundance of herbs but seemingly I am converted. The combination of flavours with the rich Italian toppings was delicious – a match made in heaven some could say. The mint sauce, caponata base and vegetables all complimented one another to make a perfectly rounded meal.

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Wicked Kitchen: Pizza Base

If you’re a crispy base and crunchy crust fanatic like me then you will be in heaven with this pizza. The sourdough base is speckled with Italian herbs that disburse flavour after the initial crunch. The texture reminds me of herb breadsticks, the ones that taste divine dipped in hummus but crossed with Pizza Hut’s deep pan base – fluffy with a crunch. Despite being sized a little larger than a naan bread, it sure is a filling sourdough pizza and one you can happily consume for one.

Wicked Kitchen: Other Products

The alternative pizza in the Wicked Kitchen range is a BBQ Mushroom variety topped with sweet pulled king oyster mushrooms, fresh chillies and red onion. For BBQ dip lovers, this sure will be a winner! Aside from pizzas, Wicked Kitchen offer a variety of ready meals with the firm favourites to try being the Muay Thai Curry, Gunpowder Potato Chana Masala, BBQ Butternut Mac and the Naked Burrito. Wraps, sandwiches and salads graze the ‘on-the-go’ meal deal aisle and offer up a Fiery Tofu Sandwich or a Rainbow Bowl. With so many options to choose from, it may convince non-vegans to give these meals a try too.

I absolutely fell in love with this pizza and cannot wait to share a slice or two with my friends. Next on my list is working my way through the remaining 17 products and getting my hands on that Fiery Tofu Sandwich quick! Find the range in your local Tesco store and try them too.

Have you tried the Wicked Kitchen range yet?  If so, which products were your favourite? 


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