Vitae Diem Vegan Protein Green Smoothie*

Vitae Diem Vegan Protein Green Smoothie*

The Vitae Diem Vegan Protein Powder is perfect to add to any smoothie post-workout. It is made up of both pea and rice protein and provides 12g of the stuff per scoop! This gluten-free, 100% organic and high fibre powder is infused with baobab, acerola and psyllium husk. What’s more, the powder is unflavoured unlike many other’s I have tried and therefore is great to add into your favourite smoothie or juice.

I have created a delicious green smoothie using the Vitae Diem Vegan Protein to share with you and give you a nutritious boost to start the day. I have included other favourite powders such as Wheatgrass and Moringa which are high in antioxidants, essential vitamins and a source of iron. What are you waiting for, grab those ingredients, throw it in your blender and enjoy!


1/2 medium banana

2 handfuls of spinach

1/4 cup of blueberries

1/2 cup of dairy-free milk (Oat Milk)

1 tbsp of Moringa powder

1 tbsp of Wheatgrass powder

1 tsp of Red Berry powder

2 tbsp of Vitae Diem Vegan Protein Powder



Slice the banana, add to the blender along with the spinach, blueberries and oat milk.

Then, add all of the powders atop and blitz until the desired consistency is reached.

Don’t have Red Berry powder? substitute for maple syrup or date syrup

Don’t have Moringa powder? Substitute for Spirulina

Have you tried the Vitae Diem Vegan Protein Powder yet?

Buy your Vegan Protein powder here.

*The product was sent to me to use and review if I wished to. All opinions are my own. 


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