My Top Vegan Products From Lush Cosmetics

My Top Vegan Products From Lush Cosmetics

My top vegan products from Lush cosmetics are all items you will want to get your hands on. Ever since turning vegan, I have loved Lush for not only their fantastic products but also what they stand for. Being able to find vegan & cruelty-free beauty products so easily on almost every high street is a blessing and one we shouldn’t take for granted. Here I share with you my top vegan products from Lush and why you should purchase some too!

My Top Vegan Products From Lush Cosmetics


For lovers of: All Things Vanilla

Scent: Vanilla

Price: £9.00 for 6g

If you are vanilla obsessed like I am, this Vanillary solid perfume may be the one for you. I never knew solid perfume existed until I found this and now it is a staple. Lush have blended absolute vanilla with tonka – a fruity bean that possesses similar notes to vanilla and mixed it together to create this warm caramel scent. Throw it in your hand bag alongside your lip balm and deodorant and you are set. It is best applied on the inner wrists and behind the ears and topped up throughout the day.

My Top Vegan Products From Lush Cosmetics


For lovers of: Package-free floral heaven

Scent: Sweet Jasmine & Nut Oils

Price: £7.50 per 55g bar

If you wish to move towards a more zero-waste and plastic-free lifestyle, the Godiva Shampoo Bar holds the answers. This product has been an absolute game changer and one that I will rely on for years to come. Godiva contains delicious ingredients, the main being a floral Jasmine scent and the remaining being butters and oils. From cocoa butter and shea to macadamia nut and virgin coconut oil, it cleans and conditions in one go leaving your hair feeling soft and hydrated. The shampoo bar is easy to use and lasts for months on end as it lathers after one or two swipes on your scalp. The smell is warm, flowery and seductive – a scent that others will be envious of! Despite the price being quite high for such a small bar, it lasts 2-3 times longer than a regular bottle of shampoo and conditioner and is easily portable for travelling.

My Top Vegan Products From Lush Cosmetics


For Lovers Of: Ancient Aphrodisiacs

Scent: Sensual Ylang Ylang 

Price: £3.75 each

The perfect way to ease tired muscles and de-stress is with Lush’s Sex Bomb. The beautiful shades of pink and purple are brought together by the intricate rose that floats around on the surface with you. Jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage are the main ingredients in this sensual wonder and help rid your mind of any worries whilst you relax. The smell is floral, sweet and warm with jasmine being the provider of the ancient aphrodisiac you always desired. Pink lover or not, these beautiful colours will keep you enticed and in love for a few hours.

My Top Vegan Products From Lush Cosmetics


For Lovers Of: Bright Green Acrylic Paint

Scent: Sweet Black Pepper

Price: £12.50 per bottle + £3.50 bath bomb

Lord Of Misrule has to be the nicest smelling Lush product that ever lived. Yes, It is true! It is gutting that the bath bombs are not available all year around and I believe the shower gel is limited too. But, if you can get your hands on this incredible smelling product you will not regret it. Despite containing ingredients that I wouldn’t usually gravitate towards; peppercorns, patchouli and wheatgerm – it smells like a musky vanilla. The scent is perfectly unisex, sweet yet earthy and lingers on the skin for days. Moreover, the bath bomb is just as delightful and turns the water into a bright pink and lime green mystical maze to sink into.

My Top Vegan Products From Lush Cosmetics


For Lovers Of: Almonds that hydrate

Scent: Almonds

Price: £15.95 for 45g

I keep my skin feeling soft, hydrated and calm with the wonderful Celestial facial moisturiser. Having stumbled across the product by sheer accident, I gave in to the high price tag and have never looked back since. I can see the pot lasting for a substantial amount of time as you only need a pea size amount to cover the whole face. Vanilla, dove orchid and almond oil make up this moisturiser which leaves a warm and slightly nutty scent on the skin. After a day or two of use the dry patches of skin on my face dried up and it felt lighter and softer than ever in the morning.

What are your favourite Vegan products from Lush Cosmetics?




    January 10, 2018 / 8:12 pm

    I agree! It smells incredible!

  2. January 10, 2018 / 1:53 pm

    The Lord of Misrule is literally unlike anything I’ve tried or smelled before–awesome during winter!

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