5 Benefits Of A 7 Day Social Media Detox

5 Benefits Of A 7 Day Social Media Detox

5 benefits of a 7 day social media detox is a post I thought I would never write. You see, since relaunching my little corner of the internet in September, I haven’t had a break from social media. If anything, I have become glued to my phone and laptop more than ever before. As much as I have loved growing my presence online I dislike how consuming it has become. For 7 days over the Christmas break until 2018 arrived I parted ways with my social media channels and detoxed. Here I share with you what I learnt and 5 reasons why you should go on a social media detox too.

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1. Social Media Detox: Regain Focus

Have you ever felt like you cannot concentrate on one task for a prolonged time? Has your attention span dwindled, your focus become hazy and your patience diminished? I know mine has and the culprit is social media. Whether you realise it or not, the endless switching from one task to another and the seemingly unbalanced multitasking will eventually takes it toll. Whether you are scrolling Twitter whilst watching a Netflix Doc, checking your phone whilst mid-conversation or being distracted by that all too familiar ping – it doesn’t do any good for your ability to focus. Switching off from social media has enabled me to focus on one task at a time and rebuild a relationship with the world around me.

2.Social Media Detox: Become Aware Of Your Habits

If you aren’t already aware of how many times you use a particular app or unlock your phone, detoxing from social media will make you aware of your habits. How many times do you find yourself on your phone but forget why on earth you picked it up? Too often in my case! Once you detox, the niggling habit to check, post or tweet will begin to subside and you become aware of how common it arises. By becoming aware of one unhealthy habit, others may begin to appear which in turn you can combat together.


3.Social Media Detox: Make Better Choices With Your Time

In a similar way to watching crap on TV, mindlessly scrolling on social media has the same outcome: wasting your precious time. Having no apps to check, statuses to update or pics to share means you may just complete the tasks you have been putting off. Maybe you can finally get round to reading that book or begin searching for your dream job. You may find you revert back to taking part in activities you used to love that you just couldn’t find time for be it creative, productive or relaxing.

4. Social Media Detox: Stop Comparing

Ever got lost in a stalking frenzy online? Found yourself comparing your present to your past or maybe your life to somebody else’s? We have all been there and my goodness it isn’t healthy. As Instagram tends to share a highlight reel of somebody’s life, it is easy to forget reality and continuously compare. Not sharing that selfie to gain validation from others may encourage the practice of self love just as not sharing that negative status may teach you to put things into perspective. It is when we take a step back and appreciate what we possess ourselves then we can truly be at peace.

5.Social Media Detox: Become More Present

Being unable to give in to the urge to scroll through another’s Instagram feed or reminisce on your ever young party days means you become more aware of the present moment. You become more accepting of what is happening now rather projecting into the future or delving into the past. Without my phone constantly in my hand it meant I focused on what was happening in the now and became more aware of my surroundings. In time you will be come aware of the smaller things in life, the every day moments that we take for granted and are too blind to see.

These are just a few of the benefits of a social media detox. When will you begin yours? 




  1. jessicagatfieldphotography@hotmail.com
    January 3, 2018 / 6:16 pm

    Hope you feel a lot better firstly! And yes, I feel over Christmas it is much easier to switch off. I have found that I am feeling a little glued to my phone again and more anxious than before so trying to find the balance is key! It is the realisation that notifications will wait and you don’t have to keep checking.

  2. January 3, 2018 / 5:44 pm

    I didn’t intend to do a social media break over Christmas but it just happened. I went back to my hometown for a couple of days so we were busy spending time with family, and then I spent a week being battered by flu so I just couldn’t be bothered, and it felt so good. To be honest, Twitter is the only thing I’ve actually posted on and I’m not crazy about that because Twitter feels so chaotic and kinda doomy whenever I go on there now. One of my resolutions for this year is definitely to spend less time scrolling on social media.

  3. January 3, 2018 / 12:11 pm

    Love this! Definitely need to give it a shot. Great tips!

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