Veganuary: Tips On How To Stay Vegan For The 30 Days

Veganuary: Tips On How To Stay Vegan For The 30 Days

Christmas has passed and you’ve eaten your weight in cheese, sausage rolls and mince pies and all you can think about is a detox. Before you research the next fad diet and sign your soul away to a gym membership you know you’ll never use, why not try Veganuary. The word Vegan may be making you wince or may even have you intrigued. Either way, for just one month you could immerse yourself in a lifestyle change that could change the way you live forever. Or, it may not. But, I dare you to take the challenge and give Veganuary a go. It’s only for 30 days, what have you got to lose?

You’re probably thinking, ‘Okay I like a challenge, but where the hell do I start?’ You can find in depth information about Veganuary here however I’m here to share with you my tips on how to hold out for the entire month and keep your head above water.

Tip 1: Accept New Flavours

Coming to terms with the fact that your food will taste different is step 1 of this journey. You will be opening yourself up to experience new and wonderful flavours, plant-based proteins and tasty food combos you never knew existed. Accept that foods will taste different and be open to trying things you would have never tried before.

Vegan Cheeseburger from Big V London

Tip 2: Recreate Your Favourite Recipes 

Satisfy those burger and chip cravings and recreate your own vegan version. There are so many meat-free delicious alternatives that can satisfy the burger shaped hole in your life which are lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. Research vegan takes on all of your favourite dishes and I’m sure you will find something just as tasty!

Tip 3: Plan Plan & Plan

 I cannot stress this enough, plan plan plan. If you plan your meals in advance, there is less of a chance that your old familiar meat and dairy cravings will have a chance to resurface. The internet is full of vegan weekly meal plans, delicious and easy recipes and tips on getting the right nutrients from your new found way of eating.

Tip 4: If You Slip Up, Carry On

 If you do find yourself nibbling on any non-vegan food whilst taking part in Veganuary, accept it has happened and move on. It is how you bounce back from your mistakes and your determination to carry on that will see you through to the end.

Tip 5: Educate Yourself On The Benefits

By the end of the month you would have saved animals from slaughter, improved you health and may even have lost a few pounds. By switching to a vegan diet you can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and with a well-balanced diet can increase your intake of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  The inner animal lover within you will begin to view farm animals as sentient beings and less like something you can enjoy on your plate.

Tip 6: Make A Connection

It’s all well and good changing your diet and eating more plant based foods but you need to make that connection to where your food comes from. A top tip would be to visit an animal sanctuary and spend time with the beings that you, only a month before, had been eating. When you realise that pigs, cows and chickens are intelligent creatures and have personalities, it may make you think twice about what you eat from February onward.

Will you take the challenge of going Vegan in January? 

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