10 Eco-Friendly Products To Help You Minimise Waste

10 Eco-Friendly Products To Help You Minimise Waste

As our planet continues to suffer from the impact civilisation has on Mother Nature, we can all do our bit to minimise waste and use more eco friendly products to reduce our carbon footprint. Here I share with you 10 products that will help you minimise your waste and make a positive change.

Reusable Coffee Cup

For those of you who love to drink your coffee on the go, the Keep Cup is for you. Despite what you may think, your disposable coffee cup from the likes of Costa, Starbucks and Cafe Nero are non-recyclable due to the inner cardboard being coated in plastic. This means that 2.5 billion coffee cups are disposed of in a year in the U.K. alone. There is enough plastic in 28 disposable cups to make one Keep Cup – That’s a months worth of coffee right there! Making the switch is both cost effective and more environmentally friendly and what’s more, most U.K. Coffee shops will reduce the price of your coffee just for using a reusable cup. All plastic Keep Cups are BPA and BPS free, unbreakable and can be customised to your favourite colours. If you want to get even more eco-friendly to the next level, opt for the glass and cork Keep Cups that use cork from recycled wine bottles.

Reusable Water Bottle

If you are fortunate enough to live in a country where you can drink water straight from a tap, then there is no excuse to keep on buying bottled water. Bobble Bottles offer a great variety of BPA free plastic bottles that are fully recyclable; the most popular featuring a charcoal stick that purifies the water you drink. They also offer a stainless steel bottle that insulates and plastic variety that infuses to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Reusable Straw

10 Eco Friendly Products To Help You Minimise Waste

Plastic straws are cluttering our oceans with over 500 million used and disposed of daily in the USA alone. They take over 200 years to decompose and even then most end up in the sea, harming marine wildlife. Videos have been circulating of plastic straws being extracted from sea turtles noses and it is heartbreaking. The first step to take is to say no when offered and encourage the server to make the choice of a straw an option not a necessity. If you are desperate to sip on your favourite smoothie at home, why not purchase the stainless steel variety that are easy to clean, reusable and eco-friendly. You can pop them in your bag to use when eating out and pack a spare or two for a friend.

Reusable Produce Shopping Bags 

10 Eco Friendly Products To Help You Minimise Waste

Many of us have made the switch to reusable shopping bags, but how many to reusable produce bags for our fruit and veg? UK supermarkets are the worst for single use plastics and as shoppers we feel obliged to use them to keep our vegetables germ free in our baskets. Thankfully there are some reusable alternatives made from linen or mesh to help reduce our carbon footprint. They are lightweight and easy to use meaning you can keep produce in the bags when being weighed at checkout for ease.

Food Wraps

10 Eco Friendly Products To Help You Minimise Waste

Using tin foil or cling film to cover your leftovers can prove to be rather wasteful and not so eco-friendly. Unfortunately both products cannot be recycled and rarely can be reused. These plant based and vegan wax wraps are a great alternative that cling to your bowl and keep food fresh in the fridge. They are made from 100% cotton, plant wax, tree resin and olive oil and are wipe clean.

Reusable Bamboo Cutlery

10 Eco Friendly Products To Help You Minimise WasteWhen buying lunch on the go, many of us are faced with the dilemma of using single use cutlery. You may already plan ahead and keep a reusable plastic set in your bag or even metal, but how about investing in a bamboo cutlery set that is 100% biodegradable and free from the nasty chemicals used to create the plastic variety. When they come to the end of their life, most varieties are compostable and will naturally degrade.

Bamboo Toothbrush

10 Eco Friendly Products To Help You Minimise Waste

Did you know that 850 million plastic toothbrushes are discarded in the US every year? Many of which end up in the sea and are washed ashore. Plastic toothbrushes take centuries to biodegrade in landfill and even then never fully decompose. The environmentally friendly alternative is the bamboo toothbrush made from recycled bamboo and many of which offer BPA-Free Nylon bristles.

Shampoo Bars

On average, we use 198 bottles of shampoo in our lifetime, most of which will come in plastic bottles. Although many can be recycled, we can reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating the plastic entirely. Lush Cosmetics offer great shampoo and conditioner bars that are fantastic for using on your travels as well as in your daily life. They are made from natural and cruelty free ingredients that are better for your hair. What’s more, they last a lot longer than a regular bottle of shampoo and lather a lot too!

Dry Body Brush

10 Eco Friendly Products To Help You Minimise Waste

Save money on expensive exfoliators and switch to a dry body brush. It eliminates dry skin, increases blood circulation and can reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is great pre-shower on your legs, arms and stomach, brushing towards your heart in circular motions to get the blood pumping. Shower off afterwards and moisturise to leave your skin feeling amazing!

Make Up Wipe Cloth

10 Eco Friendly Products To Help You Minimise Waste

Say no to single use cotton pads and make up wipes with this reusable and washable make up remover cloth. This is such an incredible product I am still gutted that I did not hear about it sooner! Simple to use, you wet a small area of the cloth and remove your make up. You will be able to use the cloth throughout the week or even longer and throw it in the washing machine to reuse. It leaves you skin feeling refreshed and make up free.

Do you use any of these eco-friendly products already? If not, which will you try first?



  1. jessicagatfieldphotography@hotmail.com
    November 29, 2017 / 6:48 pm

    I did consider adding that! I really need to make the switch. It am a little apprehensive! Do need convincing. Thank you for reading ❤

  2. November 29, 2017 / 8:59 am

    I love this post! I am already using the Keepcup, shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrush but had never even heard of the food wrap which looks ace! Definitely getting some of that next time I settle down somewhere!

    The moon cup is also worth a mention! If treated well you can get many years use out of it, and thus save plenty disposable tampon-etc-waste! Xx

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