Easy Vegan Swaps: Alternatives To Meat

Easy Vegan Swaps: Alternatives To Meat

Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to suppress the meat cravings. You can enjoy the taste of meat but not contribute to the cruelty. Here I share with you my easy vegan swaps that are great alternatives to meat and help you make the leap into a vegan lifestyle.

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Easy Vegan Swaps: Alternatives To Meat


You needn’t feel guilty for craving a mayo-laden chicken burger after a night on the tiles, we’ve all been there! Thankfully there are many brands that have you covered to satisfy those cravings and keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Whether you fancy a chicken stir fry, nuggets or even chicken wings (weird I know), there is an alternative for you.

Chicken Burgers Quorn have a fantastic range including breaded, five grain and hot & spicy burgers. You can find similiar breaded varieties from Fry’s and V Bites too!

Chicken Nuggets – When you’re craving McDonald’s chicken nuggets, fear not, there is a vegan alternative from Quorn or Fry’s for you to get your teeth into. 

Chicken Pieces – If you are craving shredded chicken, Linda McCartney has the answer. Quorn offer fajita and bbq strips and Tofurky have slow roasted chicken bites. In the U.S there are also readymade fake chicken legs and even bbq wings!

Easy Vegan Swaps: Alternatives To Meat


Vegans have lost count of the number of times when someone has said ‘but what about bacon?!’ I’ll have you know there are cruelty-free alternatives to your bacon butty as well as your favourite sausage for your fry up. They may not taste identical, but your tastebuds will soon adjust and your conscious will be clear.

Bacon – For an American take on the British favourite, the Smokey maple flavoured tempeh ‘bacon’ by Tofurky is the best seller.

SausagesLinda McCartney is the go to for Cocktail Sausages, Mini Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls and the vegan roast favourites, Rosemary & Onion sausages. If you fancy the chorizo variety, Vegourmet have the answer to your cured meat prayers.

Ham V Bites Cheatin’ ham slices can fulfill your ham and cheese toastie fantasies or Tofurky’s smoked ham variety to put in your lunch-time sandwich.

Pulled Pork – Pulled jackfruit is the vegan alternative to the traditional barbecued meat. Linda McCartney’s Pulled Pork burger can be found in your local supermarket or try making your own with the tinned fruit.

Vegans have lost count of the number of times when someone has said 'but what about bacon?!' Click To Tweet

Easy Vegan Swaps: Alternatives To Meat


Steak, medium rare burgers and pies; you can have all of these on a vegan diet. You can still have your 1/4 pounder burger at a barbecue, enjoy your ‘beef’ roast on a Sunday and tuck into a spaghetti bolognaise.

Beef Burgers – There are many burgers on offer such as Linda McCartney’s meaty 1/4 pounder, Fry’s traditional patty or if you miss it medium rare try Beyond Meat’s soya-free beetroot oozing kind.

MinceFry’s Meat Free Mince is vegan friendly and tastes incredible in your shepherd’s pie or spaghetti bolognese.

Roast Beef – Linda McCartney has you covered on your Sunday roast with the vegan friendly Vegetarian Beef Roast.

Steak – Want to go vegan but can’t give up steak? Jake’s Vegan Steaks are the next best thing made from 100% seitan.

Pies – To satisfy your country cravings, try Linda McCartney’s beef-style gravy laden pies or try making your own with Vegan Just-Roll pastry.

Easy Vegan Swaps: Alternatives To Dairy


If you’re missing your hoisin pancakes in your Chinese takeaway, try Linda McCartney’s shredded duck to recreate the wraps at home. For a casserole or pie filling, Granovita make a tinned mock duck meat that does not look appetising but I’m sure tastes delicious!

Easy Vegan Swaps: Alternatives To Meat


If you are missing the salty taste of the sea, there is a lot of fish-free options on offer. Fishless fillets, fish fingers, scampi and even mock shrimp.

Fish Fingers – For that fish finger sarnie, Quorn have you covered. Their Fishless Fingers aren’t overly fishy and taste delicious smothered in ketchup in a sandwich. You can make your own using Tofu and Nori sheets for a healthier and more authentic take on the British tradition.

Scampi – Linda McCartney offer crispy breadcrumbed Vegan Scampi Bites to twin with chips and mushy peas.

Prawns – Craving a prawn cocktail or shrimp stir fry, do not fear there is a vegan alternative from Sophie’s Kitchen as well as a crispy version from Fry’s. 

There are incredible meat-free alternatives to almost every type of meat to satisfy cravings.

What are your favourites?



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    Hopefully they will stock some! If you have a local vegan Facebook group, they can update you on what’s in your area where. They are so helpful for me!

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    I will have to keep an eye out for many of these products! I haven’t seen them. I live in an area where I am usually the last to find them.

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