Eating Vegan In Hackney: Coffee & Cake At Palm Vaults

Eating Vegan In Hackney: Coffee & Cake At Palm Vaults

If you haven’t heard of or seen what a Rainbow Latte looks like, where have you been!? You will find these beautiful creations on Hackney high street at Palm Vaults independent cafe. Having seen their pastel coloured decor and plant-based drinks float around Instagram, I couldn’t wait to get down there and try.

As I work in London Monday to Friday, I rarely want to make the dreaded commute into the city on a weekend. With some time on my hands mid-week I was lucky enough to be in the area and made the detour to pick up a coffee to go. My vegan dreams had come true that day as they were offering a Free Toffee Apple Spiced Latte made with my favourite Oatly milk. Despite eyeing up numerous drinks on their vast menu, I chose the Toffee Spiced to go and sipped away to my hearts content.

Only a few days later, I couldn’t resist popping back in to sit down and have coffee and cake with a friend. Being a little Chai obsessed, I opted for the Dirty Chai latte as I needed a caffeine fix that also satisfied my sweet tooth. Made with steamed oat milk and their homemade chai syrup, it was heavenly! My friend had a Red Velvet Latte, a little different from the well-known cake taste which was made with espresso, steamed coconut milk, agave syrup, fresh beetroot juice, cacao and vanilla. Pink in colour and topped with vibrant beetroot extract, this was another contender that was just as glorious. The Dirty Chai clearly wasn’t enough as I ordered a festive cake topped with toffee icing and a glitter covered blueberry. Light, sweet and scrumptious.

But what about the rainbow lattes?

I hear ya. You see, as the wonderful staff described upon my arrival, the common preconception is that the rainbow lattes are made with espresso when in fact they are coffee free. Each colour reflects that of it’s flavour; Yellow is turmeric and ginger, Pink is rose and fresh beetroot, Blue is Thai butterfly tea with lavender and so forth. I am sure they are just as delicious as they sound and dare I say make the perfect Instagram snap. But, alongside these pastel delights you can get your caffeine fix from your standard cappuccino or short black as well as with a number of colourful ingredients thrown in and even Medicinal Mushrooms.

It’s not all coffee and cake at Palm Vaults

Aside from cakes and lattes, they offer a mouthwatering breakfast and brunch menu serving smashed avocado on toast, vegan cheese toasties, banana bread with all the sweet toppings and overnight porridge. I am desperate to return and try the Golden Romesco and Cucumber; seeded bread with almond spread, cucumber ribbons and roasted peppers as well as the PB and banana toastie with berries and cacao nibs – HEAVENLY.

So why should I visit?

If I haven’t convinced you already, here are 5 reasons why you need to visit Palm Vaults in Hackney.

  • They only use plant-based milks such as Bonsoy, Almond, Oat & Coconut (plant-based dream)
  • All food is or can be made 100% vegan and cater to all palettes sweet or savoury
  • The staff are incredibly friendly and wonderful
  • The pastel colours are perfect for your Instagram feed
  • They make rainbow lattes, I mean isn’t that a reason enough?

You can find Palm Vaults on Hackney high street, a short walk from Hackney Central Overground station at 411 Mare Street. They have another cafe in Soho’s Fiorucci on 39 Brewer Street.

Find out more about Palm Vaults here:

Instagram | Facebook | Website | Twitter

Have you visited this cafe before? If not, when will you go?





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  1. November 15, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    Looks like a neat place! Love the plants! ADORE the colors of those beverages, too! Lovely!

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