Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas

Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas

The one thing the internet lacks is easy vegan on the go packed lunch ideas. Not all of us are blessed with a toastie machine or a microwave to provide us with a hot lunch. If, like me, you are on the go a lot, carrying a nutritious packed lunch with you is a must. Here I share with you my top packed lunch ideas that will inspire you to switch it up in the kitchen and keep you feeling fuller for longer!


Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas

Wraps are a fantastic on the go packed lunch that you can put in your bag and carry with you without the need for a fridge. Using hummus as a base, you can throw in as many plant-based ingredients as you like.

Why not try this delicious Beetroot & Quinoa hummus with chickpeas, roasted seeds, avocado slices and salad. It makes a pleasant change from the original hummus and tastes incredible with avocado and fresh chickpeas!

You should also try:

Cauldron Falafel pieces with Moroccan spiced hummus, toasted seeds and salad

– Quorn ‘chicken’ burgers with vegan cheese, salad, avocado and vegan mayo

Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas


If you have time to spare on a Sunday afternoon, why not roast a batch of sweet potatoes in the oven to use throughout the week. They make a fantastic staple for any salad and provide you with much needed fibre and vitamins. Try combining roasted sweet potatoes with cooked kale, toasted pumpkin seeds and pomegranate.

You should also try:

– Sweet potato, chilli and sea salt roasted chickpeas, toasted seeds, and fresh avocado on a bed of spinach or rocket

– Sweet potato with butter beans in a free-from pesto sauce with fresh tomatoes and rocket

Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas


Pasta is a quick and easy diverse carb that you can eat in a multitude of ways. Switch it up by using a wholewheat type over traditional white pasta to keep you feeling fuller for longer. My favourite has to be using a free-from pesto with fresh tomatoes and rocket for a nutty and peppery meal.

You should also try:

– Tomato and garlic spaghetti with roasted vegetables and spinach

– Fusili pasta with a lemon and avocado sauce with added sun-dried tomatoes and rocket

Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas

Buddha Bowls

Buddha bowls may initially take a little more preparation beforehand, but will provide you with wholesome interchangeable ingredients to last you your working week. Packed full of grains, beans and plant-based goodness, these will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Start with a wholegrain base such as brown rice or quinoa, add a protein like chickpeas or black beans and top with a healthy fat and greens.

Why not try:

– Brown rice with fresh chickpeas, salad leaves, diced avocado topped with a tahini and lemon dressing

– Herby quinoa with sweet potato chunks, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado and a balsamic and olive oil dressing

Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas


There are many vegan-friendly spreads that you can use in sandwiches or spread a top a rice cake or lightly toasted bagel. These can be prepped in the morning before you head to work or if you have the capacity, can be prepped whilst you are on the go provided you have adequate tuppaware and containers.

Why not try:

– The classic peanut butter and jam combination on wholewheat bread

– A nut butter spread such as almond or cashew with slices of fresh banana

– Dairy-free butter with Marmite in a fresh baguette

– If you’re feeling really adventurous, combine the marmite and peanut butter together in a roll

Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas


If you prefer a lighter lunch, raw vegetables, toasted pitta bread and a houmous dip is a perfect midday meal. Whether you have time to make your dip yourself or purchase one pre-made from the supermarket, there is such a wide range of vegan-friendly houmous varieties that are absolutely delicious.

In Tesco alone, they offer a multitude of houmous flavours such as; Beetroot & Quinoa, Extra Olive Oil, Moroccan Spiced, Sweet Chilli, Caramelised Onion, Red Pepper, Broad Bean, Asparagus & Mint and Lemon & Coriander. 

Why not try:

– Traditional houmous with slices of raw carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and sweet pepper

– Adding toasted wholewheat pitta bread or multi-grain crackers to the mix

Easy Vegan On The Go Packed Lunch Ideas

Finally, being vegan doesn’t have to be difficult nor should you feel as if your packed lunch are boring! These are just a selection of lunch ideas that do not require a microwave and can be eaten on the go.

You could also try my:

Raw Sushi Nori Rolls

Avocado & Sundried Tomato Pasta

Strawberry Walnut Quinoa Salad

Roasted Sweet Potato & Chickpea Salad

What are your favourite packed lunches?




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