Autumn Favourites: October 2017

Autumn Favourites: October 2017

October can only mean two things: Autumn and Halloween. This month I discovered a new plant-based milk, lusted over hundreds of pumpkins and invested in my self-care routine. Read on to find out what I loved this October.

Autumn Favourites: October 2017

My favourite charity shop find; A Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat

Visiting A Pumpkin Patch

Confession time: I didn’t know that pumpkin patches existed in the UK. Well, at least ones you can visit and carefully select your own pumpkin from. Clearly I have been living under a rock for the past few years and surpassed the hundreds of ‘pumpkin patch’ snaps on Instagram! The blogger in me won and on the second weekend in October I grabbed my camera and headed to the nearest pumpkin patch in Essex.To my surprise, the place was packed full of people admiring each and every type of pumpkin and deciding on which to choose. From orange to grey, small or large, round or flat; there were so many varieties to choose from. I stuck to my tradition and chose a medium-sized Jack O’Lantern type that was easy to carve and photograph.

Autumn Favourites: October 2017

Oatly Barista Milk

Having been a barista in a past life, there is nothing like finding a creamy and silky dairy-free milk that compliments the perfect coffee. I still use the De Longhi ECP3630 espresso machine to make lattes when on-the-go and love switching up the milk I use as often as I can. The new Oatly Barista Edition was delicious and foamed perfectly for a latte. The milk did not split nor did the consistency change once heated. It is an incredibly versatile milk which tastes just as wonderful in a creamy porridge as well as in a cup of tea. This oat milk could be a game changer! Plus, their marketing is fantastic, witty and never fails to put a smile on my face. 100% cool for vegans, you have my vote Oatly.

My General Life: 30 Day Self Care

¬†As the weather gets colder, daylight hours shorten and work gets harder, taking care of oneself is of the upmost importance. Mid-October was a time when I stumbled across Jordan’s 30 Day Self Care challenge that she launched in September on her blog. Unlike other 30 day self care challenges I had seen previously, Jordan’s was more realistic and in line with who I am as a person. The tasks were simple yet meaningful, something I looked forward to completing each day.

Vegfest 2017

Autumn Favourites: October 2017

It only seemed like yesterday that I was at London Olympia in 2016 embracing being vegan and eating the tastiest plant based food. How has a year passed so quickly? This year’s Vegfest was just as fantastic. Despite there being less stall holders than the festival last year, the quality and selection was higher. I got to meet the lovely guys at One Planet Pizza and see my photograph on their flyer, get my hands on the Happy Maki sushi roll and stock up on my favourite protein balls from the wonderful Protein Ball co. You can read all about my time there here as well as see the cruelty-free perfume I bought and why you need to get your hands on a vegan wagon wheel as soon as you can!

Dingles Fairground

Autumn Favourites: October 2017

The weekend before Halloween I visited my parents in the depths of Devon for some overdue quality family time. They had booked tickets for a Halloween Spooktacular at Dingles Fairground, the most amazing amusement park hosting rides exclusively from the early 20th century. Quite frankly, I was in vintage and neon heaven. We had unlimited access to the small selection of rides from dodgems and waltzers to a carousel and ghost train. I don’t think I have cried with laughter so much in my lifetime! As every other person was in full costume aside from us (we didn’t get the memo) it was like something out of a nightmare; clowns screeching on rides, drunk hillbillies with axes and angry pirates swinging swords around our heads – surreal to say the least. We had the penny machines to keep us occupied whilst the nausea of spinning rides subsided and the museum area to take photos as any blogger would. I am forever grateful to have a fun and loving family that are just as wacky as I am and keep me grounded.

What were your favourites this month?



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