The Vegan Wagon Wheel: Ananda’s Round Up Review

The Vegan Wagon Wheel: Ananda’s Round Up Review

I was quite a chocolate fiend when I was a child and loved wagon wheels. Well, to be honest with you, I only liked the wagon wheel that oozed with jam and contained the marshmallow that was so sticky it always found a way its way into my hair. 15 years on, I can safely say that wagon wheels are not eaten on a weekly basis and no more marshmallow incidents have occurred. That was until I found Ananda’s Vegan Wagon Wheels.

I stumbled across Ananda’s products whilst at Vegfest in London. The shiny packaging, appetising logo and variety of flavours had me hooked before even tasting the products. The creation of gelatine free marshmallows was why the business began and has been driving them ever since. You can purchase a handcrafted box of the delicious marshmallows themselves or enjoy them sandwiched between two biscuits in their Vegan Round Ups.

There are 7 wagon wheel varieties to choose from which are as follows; the original jam flavour, orange, mint, caramel crisp, gluten and wheat free, a champagne and strawberry variety and the Halloween blackcurrant jam special. I chose to sample the Original Gelatine Free Round Up and the Caramel Crisp.

Vegan Wagon Wheels: Ananda's Round Up Review

Ananda’s Original Round Up

Hair tied back and eager eyes at the ready, I dived into the round up as gracefully as possible. Firstly, we need to admire the delicate and beautiful final touches that complement the round ups perfectly. The ‘Eat Me’ indentation on one side and a dark chocolate drizzle are the perfect touch to a rather perfect treat.  It was better than what I remember a wagon wheel ever being. The chocolate was decadent and creamy, not like the cheap kind you’d find in the Burton’s biscuit and the marshmallow heavenly. The jam centre completed the concoction and made my inner child jump for joy.

Vegan Wagon Wheels: Ananda's Round Up Review

The Caramel Crisp Round Up

The caramel crisp variety was just as delicious and satisfying as the original. The crispy cereal pieces add extra crunch to the biscuit base which is twinned harmoniously with the vanilla marshmallow and oozing caramel filling. Am I in vegan heaven or did I just sample caramel, marshmallow AND chocolate biscuit, all of which are cruelty-free? Ananda, I believe you have answered my vegan prayers and the prayers of so many others!

If you haven’t tried these incredible vegan treats, you need to! You can buy Ananda’s Vegan Wagon Wheel Cake here or directly from the Ananda Foods website.

What varieties have you tried?


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  1. October 29, 2017 / 9:38 pm

    They sound amazing! I’m vegetarian rather than vegan but I’m itching to try these! 💛 X

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