The All Vegan Fragrance Company: Eden Perfumes

The All Vegan Fragrance Company: Eden Perfumes

The All Vegan Fragrance Company: Eden Perfumes

Being vegan shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on wearing your favourite scents. Thanks to Eden Perfumes, we no longer have to. The innovative company based in Brighton have created cruelty-free and vegan fragrances that smell similar to your designer favourites and are only a fraction of the price!


Eden offer a range of perfumes for both women and men with a unisex range too. Fruity, floral, oriental, woody, or aromatic, they have your scent buds fulfilled! The ingredients are all natural, vegetable based and devoid of animal based products such as honey, milk or musk.

Owning a cruelty-free version of my favourite perfume was quite a dream come true. In fact, with the fragrance being a quarter of the price, it is affordable to wear everyday and have a few scents on the go too! What’s more, if you visit one of the Eden stores, you can refill your perfume bottle for a fraction of the price and come back smelling great, genius right?


Before going Vegan, I absolutely loved Viktor Rolf’s Flower Bomb. Thankfully, Eden created the perfect replica named Bomb Flowers aka No.460. The floral scent is dreamy, sweet and delicious with notes of patchouli, jasmine and freesia. Another favourite is No.72 Excess In Black, a cruelty-free take on Paco Robanne’s Black XS. The scent is tart from the cranberries and the woody vanilla musk completes the warm fragrance.

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The All Vegan Fragrance Company: Eden Perfumes

Where To Buy

For those of you who live on the South coast of the UK, you’re in luck! Eden Perfumes have two stores in Brighton & Hove and another in Worthing. Pop in to find your favourite scent or even create one of your own. News on the street is that they are looking to open another branch in London so keep your eyes peeled! Alternatively, head to their website, search for your favourite designer perfume and order a bottle or two straight to your door.

Why you need to buy from Eden Perfumes;

– They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free

– Great quality yet affordable

– Discounts on perfume refills

– You can create your own scent

– Packaging and bottles are recyclable

They have really tapped into a market that will inevitably grow alongside Veganism. As more people switch to a cruelty-free way of life, wearing your favourite scent with a clear conscience is the next step in the right direction.

Which scent will you choose?

The All Vegan Fragrance Company: Eden Perfumes




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