The Controversy Over The McVegan Burger

The Controversy Over The McVegan Burger

First Ben and Jerrys, now McDonald’s.Veganism is finally getting the mainstream exposure it needs and I couldn’t be happier! But why is there such a backlash in the cruelty-free community?

It’s a difficult topic and one that everyone seems to have an opinion on. Some vegans are all for it and others wish to boycott this new development. You may be thinking, why the hell is McDonald’s releasing a VEGAN burger? I was thinking exactly the same thing chic. Well, clearly there is a demand for it. Whether this is a way for them to cash in on the ever growing ‘vegan movement’ or are working towards becoming a more ethical company, what matters is our voices are being heard.

I recently read a post on Twitter than resonated with me so well. Why are individuals in the Vegan community so against McDonald’s catering to our lifestyle choice when their target audience is so incredibly vast. The chain serves over 60 million customers a day. Regardless of whether they are nipping in for 20 nuggets or a Big Mac, the word ‘vegan’ will then become part of their normal life. More people will ask what it is, some may be curious others may not. Nevertheless, the option will be there for them to try and hey they may love it! But, if they don’t like it, that’s only ยฃ2.99 wasted and they can move on.

The fact that there is a growing demand for vegan products will ensure that it becomes normalised. Call it clever marketing, cashing in on a ‘health fad’ or a genuine step towards a cruelty-free society, whatever you believe it to be, embrace the change positively and encourage it to grow.

As of November 21st, we will see if the McVegan trial in Finland was a success and whether the product will be rolled out in chains worldwide. Fingers crossed for the future of mainstream veganism.

Would you try the McVegan burger?

The Controversy Over The McVegan Burger



  1. I would absolutely try it. I already do pop in now and again for their veggie deluxe minus the mayo. It’s nice to have an option in such a big chain and it’s a positive movement in the right direction. We can never avoid companies who sell meat and also sell vegan options unless we live in a huge city with a ridiculous salary to only shop in vegan supermarkets and eat in vegan cafes all day long.

    As you said and I completely agree – “Regardless of whether they are nipping in for 20 nuggets or a Big Mac, the word โ€˜veganโ€™ will then become part of their normal life.”

  2. Annie
    October 13, 2017 / 8:54 am

    I’d try it. Definitely! And totally agree, it’s a change for the positive no matter what the reason.

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