September Favourites 2017

September Favourites 2017

My September Favourites consist of sharing my love for Deliciously Ella, trying delicious new ice cream and my discovery of a cruelty-free and vegan make up company. Read on to find out more!

Deliciously Ella Deli

September has been a Deliciously Ella inspired month! If I haven’t been recreating a recipe I’ve been visiting the Deli or sourcing her new Oat bars. Our first stop this month was to the stunning Weighhouse Street Deli. Having visited the Seymour place Deli many times before, I was eager to try the new menu at another location. I got my hands on a bowl of the Harissa Roasted Middle Eastern Aubergine with celeriac noodles, sweet potato cakes and a peanut dressing. Oh my was it delicious. The warm flavours and Moroccan spices bring the dish to life with a delicious coconut yoghurt to soothe the palette. On our way out i grabbed a bag of the nutty granola and an Oat MaTcha latte to go. Ella, your food never fails to impress.

Deliciously Ella Oat Bars

September Favourites 2017


This was also the month that the Oat bars were released. Having loved the energy ball range and enjoyed seeing it in many of my local shops, it was great to see the range grow. I am a fiend for gooey flapjack that tastes indulgent but is in fact healthy and nutritious. My favourite has to be the Apricot and Coconut bar.

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream

September Favourites 2017

Aside from the release of Deliciously Ella products, September saw Ben and Jerrys non-dairy ice cream come to the UK. The hunt started as soon as the rumours began, Brits scouring the freezer aisles for a glimpse of heaven. After a week or two of tweeting supermarkets and visiting every Tesco, we finally got our hands on the PB and Cookies variety. Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. The Oreo like sandwich cookies are little surprises amongst the golden nutty swirls. Decadent, indulgent and moorish, be careful not to finish the tub in one sitting! Retailing at £5.50 each, these are a rare treat to feast upon but worth the splurge.

Ikea House Plants

September Favourites 2017

I must confess, I struggle to keep my plants alive. If only these green beings were more like pets, clawing at your feet when they need to be watered and fed. Instead, they sit peacefully and before you know it they are limp and lifeless. Solution? Artificial plants. Ikea have a fantastic range that can brighten up any room. Climbers, ferns and faux pitted succulents, they have it all. The steep prices, in comparison to living plants, are worth the investment as you watch your home come to life.

E.L.F Cosmetics

September Favourites 2017

Buying new make up products is a rare occurrence for me. But, when I do, it is usually for good reason. That is why I couldn’t resist the urge to try the cruelty free and vegan brand E.L.F Cosmetics. My purchase included the volumizing mascara (£3.00) and matte lip colour in Rich Red (£4.50). The mascara lengthens the lashes perfectly with great coverage however the large brush can cause speckling on the top of the eye lid. The matte lip colour is vibrant and strong, giving a fantastic look with little application needed.

Here were my September favourites, what were yours?


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