How To Spend A Day In Bergamo

How To Spend A Day In Bergamo
How To Spend A Day In Bergamo

How To Spend A Day In Bergamo

If you only have time to spend a day in Bergamo, why not follow this itinerary. See the sights and eat delicious vegan food: what more could you want!

A Day In Bergamo 

10am: Begin your morning by visiting Bgigi for a coffee and vegan croissant. This sweet little cafe is situated on Via Gombito in the heart of Citta Alta.

11am: Just a short walk away lies the Piazza Vecchia – the core of Citta Alta and home to the Contarini fountain, Colleoni Chapel & Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica.

12pm: Take the fernicular from Citta Alta to San Vigilio to visit the castle and admire the views from above.

1pm: Take the fernicular back to Citta Alta and eat pizza at one the many local pizzeria’s. I would highly recommend sampling a marina pizza; cheese-less with added rocket.

2pm: In Piazza Cittadella lies the Museo di Scienze Naturali aka the Museum of Natural History. Witness the terrible taxidermy, geology collection and living ant colony.

4pm: Take a stroll along Viale Delle Mura, around the city walls until you reach the Porto San Giocomo. Walk through the gates and stroll down towards Citta Bassa, admiring the views over the city walls.

6pm: Finish the day off with a visit to Universo Vegano located on Via Saint Alessandro in the depths of Citta Bassa’s cobbled streets. I would recommend trying the Vegan Chop; a breaded tofu cutlet topped with melted vegan cheese and salad.

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