A Year On: Catching Up With Vegan Baker Leila Buffery

A Year On: Catching Up With Vegan Baker Leila Buffery

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A little over a year ago, in one of Brighton’s coffee hotspots, I met with the wonderful Leila Buffery to chat about blogging, vlogging and all things vegan. Now that a year has passed, I checked in with Leila to see what has changed since we last spoke and to find out where life is taking her.

Last time we spoke, you were working in a cafe for 3 days a week and had just set up your own cake business. How is your business going? Are you still working in the cafe?

I’m not! I’m just working solo with the cakes now which is great, I knew I only needed to do the cafe long enough for the business build up enough momentum to run without the extra income. It was still pretty scary but I took the leap to go it alone about 7 months ago now and it’s going well! The cafe was definitely a safety blanket and I definitely felt nervous in the quieter months but things are definitely on the up.

A Year On: Catching Up With Vegan Baker Leila Buffery

@Whatleilabakes Chargrilled Aubergine and Brown Rice Risotto

You spoke about launching a cookbook in the future, how far along are you? Have you got a date in mind for releasing this?

It’s still simmering away (hahaha), I started it just before an incredibly testing time in my life and it kind of took the wind out of my sails with it. I’m over half way there I’m just choosing to take my time with it and produce something I love and to sit down and write when I’m feeling inspired rather than feeling like I have to. I really believe if you want something to be a success it’s not always about hammering it out quickly, the energy it’s produced with is what’ll take it to where it needs to go. My writing style is very personal to me and I like to include some humour, the contrast in the recipes I’ve written when I wanted to and the ones where I rushed is huge. Ive scrapped a few already that weren’t done with the right intention and I know the words will come to me when it’s time to re-build them.

A Year On: Catching Up With Vegan Baker Leila Buffery

Your Youtube channel now has over 10,500 subscribers! How does that feel to have grown so much in a year? 

It’s funny because until I read this question I actually didn’t know that! When I hit 10k I deleted the real-time app that told me exactly how many people were subscribing and unsubscribing every minute because it’s so easy to focus on that instead of my enjoyment for it.

Alongside Vlogging on a weekly basis, do you have any other videos in mind for your channel?

It’s the same as the writing really, I find if I HAVE to sit down and film a video, I suddenly don’t want to. I’ve found my flow with Vlogging because there doesn’t really have to be a certain structure to it. I like doing Q&A’s because again there’s a free-flow to them and they don’t have to be planned but right now I film pretty much every day and run a business so there’s only so much of myself that I can give to the internet!

A Year On: Catching Up With Vegan Baker Leila Buffery


Recently you have touched more upon your spiritual pathway, can you tell us a bit more about that.

It’s really starting to shape who I am as a person, I’ve never been religious, although I was made to go to church as a kid but I didn’t really feel or believe anything I was hearing. Finding my spirituality definitely has more of a feeling of knowing about it. Like it all makes total sense. It’s just an understanding of something far vaster than the human experience and it can’t have a God or a human figure tied to it. It’s an energy force I guess. The more I read and educate myself the more I feel like I already knew it, it’s a feeling of coming home to yourself. I’ve never been more connected to my consciousness or more aware of my thought patterns/behaviours and it’s only at that point that you can start to see where you’ve been going wrong and make changes. I guess the term woke AF works here hahaha.

A Year On: Catching Up With Vegan Baker Leila Buffery


What advice would you give to viewers who want to lead a more spiritual life?

If it’s something that interests you, it’ll come whether you’re out looking for it or not. Meditations a good place to start though, it’s just about having time with yourself with no distractions. There are loads of physical things you can go out and buy, crystals, sage, incense, but the truth is that you don’t NEED any of that stuff, they’re just pretty tools to help you along the way but everything you need is already inside you. It’s just about spending time with you and your mind and working out who the hell you are.

In the last interview, you talked about your favourite cruelty-free beauty brands and products. Have you stumbled across anymore? If so, what are your favourites?

I’m lucky enough to be sent samples from companies every now and again and the ones I’ve really been enjoying recently are Arbonne and Evolve. The Arbonne primer literally feels like silk on your skin and I’ve really been enjoying the Evolve Raw Cacao & Coconut Radiant Glow mask, although it smells like chocolate pudding so it’s hard not to lick it off ha!

A Year On: Catching Up With Vegan Baker Leila Buffery

@Whatleilaeats Banana Choc Chip 5″ Cake & Oreo Cupcakes

As your cake business is booming and your Youtube channel is growing each day, what are your plans for the future?

For now I think just keeping on going, trying to enjoy the process of each day as it unfolds and following the path. There’s hundreds of things I’d like to try out in my lifetime so I don’t know that i’ll be doing either of those forever but as long as I’m enjoying them and they’re serving me, I’ll keep at it.

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