Bullet Journal: Why Everyone Should Have One

Bullet Journal: Why Everyone Should Have One

What Is A Bullet Journal?

Imagine a space where your diary, notebook and to do-lists meet and work together in a harmonious way. The solution: a bullet journal. A bullet journal is an organisational system that allows you to do more with less. Forget task managing apps, daily reminders and weekly planners; the bullet journal combines all of these and more in one place. The simple yet revolutionary system bridges the gap between productivity and mindfulness and will transform your day-to-day life by simply putting pen to paper.

How Do I Create One?

To begin, all you need is a blank notebook. Don’t let this be just any notebook, make it your favourite. Take the time to find the perfect journal and don’t settle for anything less than fantastic. Whether that is vibrantly coloured with an embossed inspirational quote or simply elegant and plain – find a product that speaks to you.

Next, find a pen that makes you want to write. Be it a fineliner, biro, or coloured pencil -keep it close. This makes every entry just that little bit special and encourages a more conscious approach to writing.

The Basic Formula

To reap the benefits of bullet journalling, creating a structure that works for you is extremely important. Adhering to the Bullet Journal’s basic formula is a fantastic starting point and one you can adapt and change to suit your needs.

Bullet Journal: Why Everyone Should Have One

On the first page of your notebook you can create a key. This sets the tone for the setup of your journal and to log the multitude of symbols and their meanings. The bullet point is a symbol that can be altered in many different ways. For example, when undertaking a task, you can turn the point into a cross to indicate that it is done or into an arrow to migrate to a future date such as tomorrow. You can use a dash to document notes, a circle for events and a love heart for memories.

An Index is the next important element of your journal. This is where you can easily find the page numbers that reference each section of your journal to save you from flicking through hundreds of pages. This is where you can add as many elements as you like. As you can see, I have added a future log, my year at a glance and my goals to my personal journal. The future log splits up the year into months, allowing me to bullet point events and document recurring tasks that I may not necessarily want to add on a daily basis. The year at a glance page is where I document holidays and important dates and my Goals section where I set out what I want to achieve throughout the year.

Bullet Journal: Why Everyone Should Have One

January, February, March…

The bulk of the journal is made up of the months and the daily content within these. Before I begin each month, I add a monthly log page, which acts as a basic calendar. This outlines each day of the month with the day of the week to jot down birthdays and holidays in particular.I have stuck with pure simplicity on this section, adding the day and date as I go, using the bulleting system to organise each point. I try to add a memory on each day as a form of expressing gratitude and finding positivity in everything. Whether that is spending quality time with a friend or petting a dog in the park, document the little things in life make any problems seem inferior.

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Finding a method that works for you is key. You may want to adhere to all, a few or none of the suggestions made within the basic Bullet Journalling formula. Combine as many different elements of your daily life into your journal as possible to reap as many benefits as you can. Do not worry too much about how others organise their journals. To many, my journal may seem minimalist, lacking in vibrancy and rather plain. I like a more organised approach with little clutter and mess or mistakes. You on the other hand may want to add sketches, track your daily exercise or keep a food diary. Whatever you do, make it yours.

 My Bullet Journal: An Eco-Friendly Approach

Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for a cute notepad. I love the thoughtful quotes, the embossed font and the multitude of colours and prints. I could spend hours on Etsy filling my basket or getting lost in stationary shops trying to decide between a pale blue or pale pink. But, as I have become more aware of where products come from, the materials that are used and their effect on the environment, I think twice before purchasing the first item I set my heart on. After a little research, Paperchase held the answer: the Kraft Eco A5 240 page notebook. Made from 100% recycled paper and using only vegetable inks, this hardback wirebound journal was the perfect match for me. You can purchase this here.

Happy Journalling!

Bullet Journal: Why Everyone Should Have One



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