The Best Vegan Hotspots In Riga

The Best Vegan Hotspots In Riga

Riga had an array of incredible vegan restaurants to offer. From hipster coffee joints to kitsch cafes, Riga had it all. Here I share with you the best vegan hotspots we found on ourtrip to the beautiful city. Read on to find out where we loved!

Miit Coffee

Lāčplēša iela 10, Rīga

Price: ££

This Hipster’s Haven is a far cry from the traditional Latvian cafe. Situated North of the Old Town, the Vegan and Vegetarian friendly coffee house is home to numerous brewing methods. From the more complex likes of V60 and Chemex to the simpler of AeroPress, filter or drip, this place will satisfy the caffeine cravings.

The Best Vegan Hotspots In Riga

Delicious plant-based lattes are made with Oat or Quinoa Milk, no Soya in sight I’m afraid, which gives a nuttier and more delicious flavour to the household favourite.  As well as coffee, Miit is home to a wide selection of plant-based treats such as Vegan Bounty Bars, indulgent cookies and raw desserts.

 Furthermore, their daily lunch menu offers a starter and main for just €6, serving hearty soups, roasted vegetable medleys and an abundance of wholesome grains. Miit is a must visit!

Dabas Stacija

Lāčplēša iela 17-1

Price: £-££

The Best Vegan Hotspots In Riga

Finding an all Vegetarian and Vegan supermarket in Riga definitely took me by surprise. This little haven of goodness is tucked away in what feels like the suburbs, disguised amongst clothes stores and restaurants alike. Hosting a wide range of chilled and cupboard staples, this shop did not fail to deliver. I satisfied my evening chocolate cravings with a white chocolate Nougat bar and kept my energy up throughout the day with wholesome British flapjack. From Smoked Tofu and Seitan to Violife and Dairy Free ice cream, Dabas had it all. Reasonably priced, this was a great store to stock up on Vegan essentials to survive upon whilst in Riga.

Ezitis Miegla


Aldaru iela 12/14, Centra rajons

Price: £

In the Central Region of Riga’s Old Town there lies Ezitis Miegla, a Vegan friendly cafe and bar. What looks like a hang out space for Riga’s quirkiest of Youth’s, this cheap eatery offers a large menu of a dishes varying in origin and taste. Amongst the cheesy Nachos and Chicken Caesar Salads, Ezitis offered warming soups, fruit smoothies and Veg filled fajitas that were clearly labelled with a ‘Vg’. I tried a ginger and soy stir fry with salad and chips due to a shortage of rice. Although a strange combination, the vegetables were flavoursome and the dish was filling. Priced at only €5, this was a great discovery.

The Best Vegan Hotspots In Riga



Bruņinieku iela 69

Price: £


Terapija, the all Vegan restaurant was by far my favourite place to dine in Riga. Not only was it incredibly affordable, it was also wildly delicious and inviting. The informality of the joint was welcoming to say the least, tempted from afar by the dessert counter and the short but sweet menu that changed on a daily basis.

We sampled the earthy beetroot burger (€4), A soul warming hearty minestrone soup with black olives, sweet potato and butter beans (€2) and a light smoked Tofu salad (€3). We couldn’t leave without sampling one of the many desserts, some homemade others supplied by local foodies. We chose the nutty raw chocolate brownie (€1.20) and a soya latte (€2) to finish.


Ģertrūdes iela 6

Price: £

Located off the Main Street of Brīvības, Stockpot seemed to be the hottest lunch spot in all of Riga.With queues out of the door and business men and women clutching their takeaway boxes ready for their return to the office, we knew we had hit the JackPOT. With a menu to suit meat eaters, veggies and Vegans alike, this eatery hosted a delicious daily menu that left your tastebuds asking for more.

The Best Vegan Hotspots In Riga

With a chilli heat scale and a small or large option available, we knew we would get our money’s worth. We chose The Tofu, Cauliflower and Green Pea Curry with Pineapple served on a bed of rice with a side of pitta, all For only €6.20 (the smaller portion was priced at only €3.20). With such Aromatic, fresh and full-flavoured food, this eatery would have you queuing up every lunch time.

As I was unfortunate enough to only sample 5 Vegan Friendly places, here is a list of a few others that I had heard great reviews about and passed whilst on my travels.

Fat Pumpkin  

Grēcinieku iela 11

An all Vegetarian restaurant with Raw Desserts and a large menu. 

Price: £££

Raw Garden

Grēcinieku iela 11

A Vegetarian restaurant specialising in mostly Raw Foods



Krišjāņa Barona iela 56

A Hare Krishna, Ayurvedic all Vegetarian Cafe

Price: £

What were your favourites in Riga? 

Have you visited?


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