An Interview With Daria, An Apple A Day

An Interview With Daria, An Apple A Day

An Interview With Daria, An Apple A Day

Tucked away in the North Lanes of Brighton lies the Black Mocha Cafe. Offering a selection of raw cakes, dairy free dark hot chocolates and almond lattes, Daria and I couldn’t turn down such an offer for a chat and a get to know each other. Amidst the girly giggles and mouthfuls of indulgent treats, I asked Daria a few questions about her journey to veganism and blogging adventures.

When did you first become Vegan?

Introduced to the Meat-free way of life by friends, Daria became Vegetarian in 2014. After a few months she soon realised that she wanted more from this lifestyle. Eating too much dairy made her question why she ate it at all, leading to a switch to Veganism in October 2014.

How did your family react when you become vegan?

With her mother eating mostly a vegetarian diet, becoming vegan wasn’t as difficult as some may have thought. Similar to my own journey, Daria’s father and brother were not too understanding as to why she transitioned yet accepted her decision. Grandparents and the older generation are not aware of veganism and explaining this was a struggle, Daria said. At family gatherings she would make her own food for the family to enjoy, introducing them to plant-based goodness that wasn’t just about nuts and seeds.

You are a blogger, when did you start and what is it called?

Daria started blogging about Veganism and creating plant based recipes in January 2015. Her blog is called An Apple A Day and can be found here.

An Interview With Daria, An Apple A Day

What is your favourite meal and why?

Daria’s favourite meal is oatmeal. Even before she was Vegan she loved oatmeal. She finds it gives her energy, is filling and you can create many different versions so you will never become bored!

What are you favourite whole food stores Brighton?

Daria regularly shops in Hisbe, located on London Road, a social enterprise that makes organic and whole foods more affordable. Infinity Foods is another health food place that Daria loves along with their Infinity Foods Kitchen that serves Vegan and Vegetarian friendly food located in the North Lanes.

What is your favourite Cruelty Free brand?

Daria recently discovered the B range at Superdrug, a cruelty free store’s own range of beauty products that have not been tested on animals. She states that it is reassuring knowing that you can easily access cruelty free products without having to search and read every label. It is accessible and easy to find whilst being of good quality.

Favourite Snack?

Daria’s favourite snack has to be dates and nuts. Simple and nutritious!

An Interview With Daria, An Apple A Day

Favourite Treat?

Having gone to this year’s VegFest in Brighton, Daria picked up a bar of Pana Chocolate, a raw, dairy and gluten free bar of cacao goodness that sounds incredibly delicious! She tried the Fig & Wild Orange flavour, a new favourite of hers it seems!

An Interview With Daria, An Apple A Day

What is your favourite restaurant?

Daria’s favourite restaurant happens to be a Vegan Burger house in Warsaw named Krowarzya. A 100% plant based restaurant, this eatery serves homemade burgers made with natural and wholesome ingredients in a seasonal manner. Created with the likes of millet, seitan, lentils and vegetables, this place sounds like a must try if one ever visits Warsaw!

What advice would you give to anybody thinking of going Vegan?

A very great answer indeed, Daria stated that you should never feel pressured to do it, not my friends, family or anyone. Do it when the time is right for you and do it for the right reasons. It has to be what you want and not just for your health. She advises to not only do it for your nutrition but for the animals too, stop visiting zoos, be ethical and careful where you buy your products.

Finally, can you name a few of the Vegan blogs that you follow?

With an extremely long list, we picked five examples that are great blogs to follow for inspiring plant based goodness! They are listed below.


Polish Vegan author and food blogger 

Food Porn Vegan Style 

Polish passionate plant based cooking

Oatmeal and Figs 

Polish plant based food by Aneta 

Ziolami Malowane

The name translates as ‘herbs painted’ Polish plant based food blog by Veronica 

Deliciously Ella

The plant based blogger and best selling author Ella Woodward

You can follow Daria’s Vegan lifestyle and recreate her recipes at home using the links below!

You can find Daria here:

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