Raw Vegan Nori Sushi Rolls

Raw Vegan Nori Sushi Rolls

I have always been a huge lover of sushi, even before I was Vegan. The smell of nori sheets alone make my stomach rumble. Usually packed with white rice, this Japanese delicacy is truly delicious. My raw take on these nori rolls skips the rice and opts for a sticky avocado base to keep the ingredients together. Nutritious, light and healthy, these sushi bites are great for lunch or as an afternoon pick me up.

Raw Vegan Nori Sushi Rolls

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Serves 1


2 nori sheets

1/3 carrot

1/3 courgette

a handful of cherry tomatoes

a few rocket leaves

For the avocado mash base:

1 avocado

1 teaspoon of nutritional yeast

juice of 1/2 a lemon

salt and pepper

dried garlic and chilli seasoning

Raw Vegan Nori Sushi Rolls


Begin by chopping up the vegetables into small strips.

Next, scoop out the avocado into a bowl and mash. Add the lemon and nutritional yeast and mix until a paste forms. Add the seasoning and begin to spread on the nori sheet.

Spread half of the mixture per nori sheet, and spread as evenly as possible.

Lay the ingredients on top of the avocado mash, ready to roll. Leave a 2-3cm gap at the end of the nori sheet to fold over the roll.

When it is ready, use your hands to roll from the start of the sheet to the end, tucking in all of the ingredients.

When you reach the end of the ingredients, seal the roll with a light spread of the avocado mash to stick the last few centimetres of nori in place.

Run the 1/2 a lemon slice over a the edge of a sharp knife to stop the nori tearing when you cut the sushi into sections.

Serve and enjoy!


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